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Propland - Bringing Blochain to Real Estate

Our goal for the future is simply to provide real estate investments on the real estate investment on the blockchain - we're creating a full DeFi ecosystem, allowing investors to leverage tokenized real estate shares as reliable financial opportunities.

Real Estate, a staple asset class. Combined with the power of cryptocurrency and the Blockchain ledger. In the future we will have a powerful new way to produce ROI for investors. Read more in our Roadmap in our WP.

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Propland - Bringing the Blockchain to our Business

Propland - Can you imagine a 6-digit chart buyback on each real estate deal? We can.

Real Estate, a staple asset class. Combined with the power of cryptocurrency and the Blockchain ledger. We now have a powerful new way to produce ROI for investors.

Picture this. With a small purchase of $PROP, You can (and WILL) increase the value of your holdings from the profit of our real estate deals.

10% of each deal would go into the chart as a regular massive buyback for you. You can literally expect it.

Real estate profits have never been so easy and profitable.

The propland project will offer holders an unprecedented means of passive income. We have created a new proprietary process that permits investors to earn ROI through the value of our real estate deals.

With this passive income system, investors will be able to view active and upcoming deals – and watch the value of their Propland tokens increase in value. Not to mention their holdings will become more rare, due to the deflationary token.

Fully Decentralized Real Estate ROI

Just house-flipping is a process that normally takes 8-12 months if there is a group of investors (SPV) that represent the buyer. This is putting stress on the time-consuming element of this branch. By bringing Blockchain technology to our world, we unlock a huge potential just by the time element alone.

Using DeFi lending protocols to purchase properties lowers the barrier of entry to generational wealth. This is a win for everyone. It empowers people to leverage their digital assets to own real estate, inviting more participation from the mainstream, and legitimizing decentralized economic systems.

We make money from our real estate projects today. That is why we like to project the fact that we are bringing the Blockchain to Real Estate, not the other way around as many other “empty Tokens” are based on.

The Propland Project has been developing a full functioning deflationary token, which has been SAFU coded and verified. The value of the token begins with an infusion of value into the token’s liquidity pool, and is sustained through both tax and deal volume.

Benefits of Asset Tokenization

The Propland token will be used as a payment method for various features of the platform and as a fee mechanism our DeFi features. Propland Token can also be staked for rewards in the Propland Token Staking Vault and provides access to features such as the Governance Protocol and BUSD Vault.

Periodic Dividends

Automated and regular, dividend ROI will be seen from day one via existing properties.

Full Chain-Tech

The blockchain tech our team is using has been established as both tested and cutting-edge.

DeFi Based

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a global phenomenon that has taken almost every market by storm.

Property Administration

Our property administration control panels will be equally safe, easily managed, and decentralized.

Liquid Asset

Liquid assets are an investor's best friend. Cryptocurrency is arguably one of the most liquid assets.

Global and Seamless

Global blockchains require precision and seamless functionality. Modern smart contracts make that possible.

Safe and Secure

Widely regarded as one of the safest forms of investing, smart contracts lock in numbers in an immutable format.

Blockchain Ledger

There's no better recording of transactions in the world. The blockchain depends on ledger accuracy to function.

Propland - We Make Money Today in Marbella's Prime Location

How Does The Current Finanical Model Work?

We invest, develop, make rental income objects, buy and sell properties.

Typical Work Flow

Our process is both meticulous and thorough. The explore all opportunities and rule out anything that does not fit the most ideal metrics. We shoot for the absolute best in the market, while maintaining a focus on ROI.


Identify Opportunities – Screen Opportunities – Executive Summary


Equity Investors – Plot Financing – Construction Financing


Architectural Design Construction – Interior Design


Sale – Rent – Exit

Propland Financials

We work proactively to check and verify all financial details. So every decimal counts. From the launch until year 10, you can count on our solid financial model.

Token Allocation Details

All of our token allocation details are outlined below.

TokensPercentPriceRelease UpfrontUnlock Starts AfterRelease Amount
Marketing50.0005%N/A2%1 MonthN/A (Reserve)
Team & Advisors200.00020%N/A0%6 Months10% Monthly
Token Burn82.50010%N/A---
CEX & DEX175.00017.50%N/A0%12 Months(Reserve)

Pie Allocations

To the right you will find a charted format of our allocations. Hovering over each section will display the allocation type and amount.

Our team is consistently working to ensure that data is accurate and works the best for our investors. As such, some of that data may change over time; return to this chart to see the most recent allocation data.

This data is finalized.


Buy Tax: 3% Real Estate

Sell Tax: 3% Real Estate, 2% Marketing, 1% LP

All-New Propland Visa Card Integration

How Do The Cards Work?

With your tiered investing, our financial model continually loads up your card!

About Our Upcoming Visa Cards

We are now bringing physical Visa Cards into play. You will be able to use your Propland Visa Card through your propland tokens – in the supermarket, store, restaurant, movie theaters or withdraw cash at an ATM. Our real life investors are highly incentivized to continue iterating on their investment in Propland's tokens. Not only does it allow them to remain on tier 5 prestige status, but of course provides them with all the maximum cash-back benefits and other features it will have.

Initially we are bringing 5 tiers and 4 Visa cards into Propland. Our investors will have an opporunity to explore the benefits of each card and choose for themselves which card best suits them. Are you an avid traveler? Our Propland GO card may be the best fit for you! Are you excited about earning cash back and shopping benefits? Our Visa Ruby card is the go-to for that!

Make sure to ask us any questions you have about our new Visa cards in our group today.

Propland Dual-Staking

What Staking Options Do We Offer?

With both Token and NFT staking, your options for ROI over time are virtually limitless!

Token Staking:

You will be able to stake your tokens with a APY of 13%. 3,6 or 12 months lock-up period. APY gets paid out in USDT. If you were to come into a situation where you needed to unstake your tokens before the lock-up period is over - no need to panic, that is possible, but your APY will be lost and your initial staking will be unstaked.

NFT Staking:

With our new feature where you can stake your NFT - you will be able to do a max lock-up of 3 months at the time. The difference here is that you will NOT be able to unstake before the lock-up period is over. The APY on NFT staking is a bit more lucrative, and gives you an astonishing $2,32 USDT daily. That equals approx $208 USDT per NFT per lock-up period. You can multiply that number with the amount of NFT’s you’re holding - to figure out what this will bring you of passive income.

Haven’t grabbed a NFT yet? Do it before its too late! Make sure to ask us any questions you have about our Staking options in our group today.

Financial Model Details

How Do The Financials Work?


The 3% Real Estate Tax allocated from the $PROP token (per chain, ETH and BSC) will be invested in immediate and future Propland real estate deals. Of course this means that the deals can be completed faster, and in turn the token will generate more profit for holders tomorrow.

Your $PROP token holdings directly / massively benefit from the real estate deals. How? Because 10% of the total profit for the Propland share goes back into the $PROP token (5% per chain, ETH and BSC, respectively) in the form of recurring buybacks and burns. For the network, this scale of a buyback is massive.

A buyback happens from the deployer wallet. A lump sum is injected into both charts in the form of a single or multiple buys. Everyone who is holding the $PROP token will then notice that their holdings are worth a LOT more literally overnight each time this happens. The process will repeat and get bigger for each deal, on each chain..


When 3% of trading volume on either $PROP token’s chart is accrued and saved into a secured account, that amount will represent the share that the $PROP token has in the deal.

As a simplified example: If the 3% accrued from the $PROP token’s Real Estate Tax adds up to 27% of the total value of the purchase deal, then the $PROP token has a 27% share of the total deal. Let’s say the deal concludes, the profit is estimated as being 30%.

In the example above where the $PROP token had a 27% share in the deal, the share amount plus the profit would be put into the secured account. 10% of the share’s profit would be used to buy back on the $PROP chart, splitting the 10% across both chains, and the rest would be dedicated as a new share $PROP has dedicated to the next deal. The deals get larger, as well as the buybacks.


We burn the tokens, removing them from circulation, making all $PROP more valuable.

In summary: 10% of all $PROP share profits made with the real estate deals go into the $PROP charts, and thus back into your hands as buyback value for your holdings. The buyback share is burned to make the token deflationary, lowering the circulating supply.

The remaining share profit is sent back into the secured account and used as a Propland deal shares. So deals will evolve over time as well with the amounts. The bigger the share, the bigger the profit for Propland Token.


NFT Share takes all the funds from the total NFT Sale and creates what is called the NFT share. Instead of generating buybacks and burns with those funds - the NFTs are represented as 1 investor in the real estate deal.

All profit generated for the NFT Share gets distributed equally to all 300 NFT’s. The share cannot grow, there will not be anymore NFT’s minted or anything.

Share will remain the same, and is for those that want to indirectly take part in the profit - without having it back as buyback and burns, but as passive income by holding the NFT.

On top of it all NFTs also generate passive income through accumulating 25% of the 3% real estate tax on both buys and sells, and then distributing it equally to all 300 NFTs every 1st each month.

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